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Simplify your business payments.

Send bulk payouts instantly to anywhere in the world, at the click of a button.




About us

About us
Our Story

We saw how innovation in consumer banking was ripping up the rule book and how business banking was being left behind. So we embarked on disrupting and enabling businesses to access the life blood of their banking needs - payments.

Our Vision

To enable businesses easy access to the latest global payment innovations without changing their business bank account.

Our Tech

Our Payout Platform is designed and built to support businesses large and small, tech savvy to traditional. We work with all business models and flow of funds to give a choice of payout channels and the convenience of instant payments.

How it works

How it works


Payments are created by:

  • Uploading bulk payment files to the Business Platform.

  • Requests from client-side integrated Recipient Widget.

  • Invoice received from suppliers through Receivables Platform.

  • Directly from finance and back-end systems via Payment API.


Real-time payment validation checking for payment detail errors and compliance.

Customisable payment approval process from Two Step to full automation.

Payments are processed instantly or scheduled for future date.


Fund payments via bank transfer or using Open Banking Payments.

Utilise in-transaction currency exchange for cross-border payments.

Payer and Recipient notified on payment status.


The Ultimate Payout Platform

Fast and Easy access to the latest instant  payment solutions:

UK Faster Payments

  • GBP Instant Payment 24/7.

SEPA Payments

  • EUR Instant Payment 24/7.


Global Bank Transfers

  • Local and SWIFT payments to 220+ countries.



  • Make payment to any Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card across 200+ countries.


Instant Access

Instant Access
Multiple Currencies

Send and receive any currency and benefit from bank beating exchange rates.

Multiple Channels

Give recipients a choice of payout channels - bank account, debit & credit cards, PayPal with more channels coming soon.

Beneficiary Validation

Real-time payment detail validation and sanction screening. Reduce input errors and keep AML compliant.


Want to integrate with us, get in touch and get your techies access to our Sandbox API.

Virtual Accounts

Open accounts in your business name in GBP, EUR or USD with global payment access.

Open Banking

Use Open Banking to fund bulk payments directly from business bank account.

Recipient Management

Let us capture your recipient's payment details, payment requests and notify them on payment status.

Bank Level

All data is secured through MFA, end-to-end encryption, tokenisation and access control by IP, domain and User.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Compensation & Insurance

Give greater choice of payout channels to claimant and automate the payout process.

Get in touch

Get in touch

To schedule a product demo or to find out more, please fill in your contact details and we'll be in touch.

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RocketSpace, Regent House, 

40 Islington High Street, London

Tel: +44 203 026 2468

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